Structure & Statutes

Institute Arbiter Indonesia Statute

The IArbI Statute was established on 10 December 2012, and has been incorporated on the notarized deed of incorporation. The original Bahasa Indonesia version of the statute (Anggaran Dasar IArbI) is available for download on this link.

Executive Board Structure

Nomor SK: AHU-0009765.AH.01.07.TAHUN 2020
Honorary Chairman
  • Dr. Anangga W. Roosdiono, S.H., LL.M.
Advisory Board / Chairman
  • Prof. Dr. Huala Adolf, S.H., LL.M., Ph.D
Advisory Board / Vice Chairman
  • Dr. N. Krisnawenda, M.Si., M.H.
  • H. Bambang Hariyanto, S.H., M.H.
Governing Board / Chairman
  • Dr. Ir. H. Agus G. Kartasasmita, M.Sc., M.T., M.H.
Governing Board / Vice Chairman
  • Prof. Dr. Garuda Wiko, S.H., M.Si.
  • Dr. Ir. H. Ahmad Rizal, S.H., M.H.
Secretary General
  • Dr. H. Jafar Sidik, S.H., M.H., MKn.
  • Ade Teti S., S.E.

Executive Board Profile